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*Some search data still in development.

        December 30, 2023    Updated Data Readers Data file readers have been updated to support EO v0.4.14. Some data such as shop, drop, and crafting will be added incrementally. Graphic data for items will be corrected at a future time.

        October 21, 2023    Quest Pub Support The quest pub file is now supported to give instant access to all quests and their rewards as well as many details about the quest.

        August 22, 2023    Search Feature Added To better serve the community, the search feature has been implemented. There are still elements to be added so please know this is a work in progress.

        August 12, 2023    Database Service Now Live Welcome to the EO Database. Most data here is generated directly from EO data files, however there are cases where this currently was not possible. If you notice any out of date or incorrect information, please let me know. Thanks and enjoy! - Apollo