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        March 20, 2024    New Player Commands Added Game client updated! Please download the latest zip file from this site! Client commands #item and #npc now function by name or ID lookup (ex. #npc crow is the same as #npc 1). A new server player command, #bestiary, has been added to display all NPCs you have killed along with the number of times you have killed them.

        February 11, 2024    Anti-Bot measures A carried over feature from EO was the daily kill counter which allows EXP rewards up to 2000 kills per day. In addition to this, a bot flag has been added to severely impair the use of bots. For every level above zero, 2% chance of earning only 1 exp per kill and will max at level 50 when a bot will always earn 1 exp per kill. Bot flags will not be removed.

        September 18, 2022    Endless Online Classic Welcome to an unaltered and unforgiving version of Endless Online with everything just the way Vult-r left it!

Showing 3 (1 - 3) of 3 news.